Meet Dave Lane, Newcastle Real Estate Specialist

Selling your home or investment property? I’m here to help. I specialise in the sale of residential property around the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Since 2010, I’ve helped countless clients sell their home.

Selling a house is not complicated but done poorly, it can be one of the most stressful and financially disastrous events in someone’s life. My aim is to make the selling process easier for my clients. My approach involves a detailed selling plan, consistent communication, being genuine and always telling it like it is.

Most importantly, it means having the energy, drive and commitment to ensure my vendors feel confident that I have gotten them every last cent possible for their property.

For me, this is a long term job. It’s not about selling one person’s house and then getting paid. It’s about doing it so well that they refer me to their family and friends and would never consider using anyone else again.